Balenciaga’s Impossibly Poofy Wedding Dress

Balenciaga’s Impossibly Poofy Wedding Dress

Balenciaga’s Impossibly Poofy Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Jul 12, 2022

If you use social media, you must have seen the clip of the Balenciaga model in a très elegant wedding dress with a skirt so wide that she had trouble getting out to the runway to show it off. While you may choose a wedding dress that is slightly less voluminous — after all, how will you seal the deal if your husband-to-be cannot reach your lips? — poofy skirts will definitely be all the rage at altars across the world this fall. Here at Pritchétt Bridal, we’re already making room for shipments of stunning bridal gowns with billowing skirts of lace, tulle and other popular wedding dress fabrics.

Why Hoop Skirts?

The image of the ideal female figure varies slightly with the times and styles, but the basic hourglass shape endures. As such, 19th-century women attempted to make their waists smaller with corsets and their hips bigger with bustles and padding under their skirts. Other tricks of the trade included wearing petticoats to poof up skirts that hung limply.

Although the hoops in the first hoop skirts were made of steel, they were still lighter than many layers of petticoats, and women found wearing them to be liberating.

While hoop skirts are not terribly practical for everyday anymore — given that women drive cars and board crowded subways — they are still greatly favored for special occasions such as your wedding day.

Poofy Wedding Dresses Command Attention

While the bride is always the star of any wedding, it’s indisputable that the more amazing her dress is, the more attention she commands. Although there are many types of dresses that are undeniably unforgettable (think of Lady Gaga’s meat dress), on your wedding day, you want a dress that is both memorable and beautiful.

A wedding gown with a big, poofy skirt is an attention-grabber partly because of its sheer size. A poofy skirt takes up a lot of space — you can’t miss a bride wearing a ballgown style dress with a wide skirt. No one will look around the reception room and wonder where you are — they will see you immediately.

Who Wore It Better?

Those who helped popularize the poofy special-occasion dress include Cinderella, Glinda the Good Witch and Princess Diana. Certainly your wedding is the most special occasion you will ever attend, and you deserve to look like a real-life princess if you want to.

While not every body type is right for every silhouette, ballgowns are universally flattering, so any bride who wants to indulge in a trendy wedding dress with an expansive skirt can do so with confidence.

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