Best Bridal Gowns in Utah to Match Your Wedding Venue

Best Bridal Gowns in Utah to Match Your Wedding Venue

Best Bridal Gowns in Utah to Match Your Wedding Venue. Mobile Image

Jun 08, 2021

After all the effort that went into curating the perfect wedding, you’ll want your style of wedding dress to complete the package. The right dress will help foster the atmosphere you want to create, from a boho beach ceremony to an elegant fairytale wedding and anything in between. Pritchétt Bridal is the wedding dress shop in Utah that has your ideal wedding dress waiting for you.

The Beach

A beach wedding is classic because the natural scenery is already so beautiful that little is needed in the way of decorations. For a nautical venue, you might choose to go for a boho-style wedding dress. To achieve this free-spirited look, look for dresses with light, airy fabrics, such as chiffon or tulle. You’ll also want to keep your eye out for dreamy, graphic lace and soft, simple silhouettes. 

A Historic Site or Mansion

A wedding on a historical estate is the perfect place to live out all your childhood fairytale dreams with a wedding gown fit for a princess. Look for gowns with long, full skirts, dramatic trains and luxurious fabrics. If it looks good with a tiara, you’re on the right track. An added bonus is that classic, elegant wedding gowns tend to be crowd pleasers — all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle. You can start your search with Pritchétt Bridal’s selection of designer gowns

A Barn or Farm

For a wedding in a barn or on a farm, go ahead and lean into that rustic charm with your wedding dress. The more effortless it looks, the better. Look for cascading lace, simple silhouettes and lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen to create the perfect romantic, country look. 

A Garden

A garden is a beautiful place to have a wedding because you’ll be immersed in a lush environment and surrounded by gorgeous blooms. But with the right dress, the flowers won’t be able to upstage the bride, no matter how pretty. For a garden wedding, you’ll want a delicate, feminine dress with soft lines and lots of lace. Look for romantic dresses made with fluid fabrics like silk, crepe or satin. This will help you achieve an ethereal look that’ll make you feel right at home among all the beautiful flowers.

Urban Loft 

If your venue is at a stylish urban loft, this is your opportunity to go modern. Modern wedding gowns will have sharper lines than a traditional wedding dress, and some have completely different silhouettes. Many modern wedding dresses will come in untraditional lengths or use fabrics not commonly found in bridal boutiques. You also will likely see a number of fashion-forward gowns that forgo lace altogether. Dresses that are avant-garde and chic look just right in today’s trendiest lofts. 

Where to Buy Designer Wedding Dresses in Utah

Pritchétt Bridal is the best place to find one-of-a-kind bridal gowns in Utah made by designers like Lis Simon, Dany Tabet and Rosa Clara. No matter where your wedding will take place, Pritchétt Bridal’s team of dedicated bridal fashion experts will help you find the perfect dress for you and your wedding.