Classy Cowboy: The Cutlers

Classy Cowboy: The Cutlers

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Dec 05, 2023

Taylor and Jackson’s love story is a rustic romance turned Western wedding. The couple originally met on a weekend cabin trip with friends, where they sparked a connection that led to a surprise engagement almost a year later, and a June wedding in 2023. 

Knowing she was going to be engaged soon, Taylor began scheduling wedding dress appointments for January. What she didn’t expect was Jackson’s proposal on November 11, and surprise bridal appointments the very next day! Her mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law were all there for her big moment when she said yes to the dress at Pritchétt.

The biggest surprise of all for Taylor was picking the very first dress she tried on. The gown they picked off the rack as something to try on “just for fun” ended up being the one she fell in love with. The exclusive built-up version of Trigger by Chantel Lauren is a show-stopping fitted dress, with fringe down the sides and a gorgeous crepe material. The fringe and cute cap sleeves inspired Taylor to go with a Western theme, and it’s the perfect look for a summer wedding. As she tried on more dresses after that, none of them could come close to how much she loved the first one. 

“I thought I wanted princess vibes, something big,” Taylor says about what she was looking for in a dress. The dress she chose ended up being completely different. “It’s not what I expected at all. I didn’t even know that was possible in a dress.” The only change she made was to add a slight V-neck, which was similar to a detail that she liked on another dress. 

Taylor loved her experience at Pritchétt. She loved that she and her family were able to pick out dresses themselves for her to try on, and how easy it was. “My consultant was amazing,” Taylor gushes. “She felt like my best friend, even though I had just met her for the first time.” Taylor describes her consultant as the biggest hype girl and loved that she made her feel super pretty in every dress. “I didn't know exactly what I wanted, and she did a really good job of showing me all the different options based on what I gave her to work with.”

Taylor’s family also did a great job of making her appointment such a great experience. They made sure that Taylor felt their love and support in choosing a dress that she felt good in. Both her mom and Jackson’s told Taylor that the one she ended up picking was “You guys in a dress.” 

Like many brides, Taylor worried about changing her mind. She began having doubts about her dress because she went shopping so far in advance, stressed that she might not like it after a while. “It was kind of out there and different, which I loved, but I didn’t know if I would still like it in seven months.” But all of that went away at her first alterations appointment. She put it on and fell in love with the dress all over again. “I didn’t want to take it off!” After that, all of her worries went away, and she loved it even more on her wedding day.

She was able to get an appointment right before the busy season, and her dress was finished with plenty of time to spare before her wedding. “Pritchétt made everything so easy and fast, all the communication and scheduling was amazing.” She even noticed a few spots on her dress that alterations took care of with no problem. 

Her gorgeous gown is what inspired the “classy cowboy” theme of her New Mexico wedding. Both Jackson and Taylor love country music and Southern charm, and Taylor says, “Jackson is a wannabe cowboy, and I love that about him.” She wanted their wedding to be very timeless and classy, but still feel like it was their wedding and no one else’s. “It was so us.” 

What she loves about her dress is that it mirrors that exact theme, with an elegant look that comes to life with movement. 

Taylor’s favorite part of her whole wedding day was celebrating with her friends and family. “That was what I looked forward to and remember the most. Celebrating with everyone you love—the closest people in your life are there on the same day with you, at the same time.” 

After their wedding on June 10th, they had a second reception in Idaho, where her husband is from. 

Anyone who comes to Pritchétt has a chance at the same once-in-a-lifetime experience as Taylor, complete with a confetti celebration and the lifelong benefits of being a Pritchétt bride. Check out our Instagram @pritchettbridal to see what other gowns we have, and book an appointment any time online or over the phone. We can’t wait to see you!