Donations Recap

Donations Recap

Thank You for Your Donations!


Every year, Pritchétt hosts a service project along with Project Shine @project.shine_ to give back to our community and share the love! This year, we hosted a coat and gift card drive, and so many of you donated to help refugees in Utah. We truly feel so blessed and honored to have been a part of that and to have seen the impact your donations had on those who needed it most this holiday season.

Thanks to the absolutely incredible Savvy Allen, who facilitated this whole experience, we got to be a part of the most humbling and life-changing experience. In South Salt Lake, there’s an apartment building specially set aside for refugee families, and that’s where every single one of your donations was brought. As soon as we brought in the coats, they were immediately snatched up! Everyone was so grateful. We were able to give a present to every single family—all 200 of them!

Each present included board games, blankets, toys for every single kid, and a Smith’s gift card for each of them. We also set up a fun hairstyling station, a craft station, and in true Pritchétt fashion, finished it all off with a dance party! We were in charge of the coats, gift cards, and craft station. It was an amazingly fun Christmas party that we were able to have with all of our new friends!

Anyone who donated received $300 towards any dress in our store! Not only did you receive the warmth and happiness from giving to someone in need, but you also received the warmth and happiness from finding the dress of your dreams!

Each year Pritchétt matches the amount that is donated. The more you gave, the more we gave too!

Because of all the wonderful people who participated, we were able to personally deliver everything, and the experience is one we will cherish for a lifetime. We couldn’t have done it without you, so we want to offer a great big Thank You to every person who took the time to donate to the cause. You were able to make a real difference in someone’s life this year!

We’ll see you next year for our next service project!

xo, Pritchétt Bridal and Salon