I Fell in Love With the Very First Dress I Tried On

I Fell in Love With the Very First Dress I Tried On

I Fell in Love With the Very First Dress I Tried On. Mobile Image

Mar 26, 2024

Is it weird to buy the very first wedding dress you try on? It happens more often than a lot of brides realize! Our real bride Jenna is just one example of many—she always knew she wanted to visit Pritchétt when she got engaged, but she didn’t expect to fall in love with a gown so quickly. Jenna lived in Orem for about three years and passed by our store nearly every day. “I would see Pritchétt and I was like, ‘I'll head in there someday.’” After moving back home to Arizona, Jenna came up to Utah for a family reunion last summer and knew that Pritchétt had to be her first stop. “I think growing up everyone dreams about finding their wedding dress and having that whole day.” Jenna needed to find a modest dress for her temple wedding. “While we were up there I was like, ‘I'm going wedding dress shopping now, and we're gonna go to Pritchétt.”



Your Heart Has Other Plans


Jenna originally went into her appointment wanting a dress with long sleeves and an A-line, but her heart had other plans. “I just came out of the dressing room, and I had my mom and two of my cousins with me, and all three of them were just like, ‘That's the dress.’ So every dress I tried on after that, I was just comparing it to the first one.” While she was trying on other dresses though, she had a few moments of wondering if she should be trying a different style. “I love seeing things from more of an artistic side. I saw another girl try one on that was super pretty and had flowers on it, and it kind of possessed this more ornate detail, and I was like, ‘Did I just make a mistake?’ Should I do something that's more like, ‘wow factor’ or should I stick with my dress?” 


After jumping back and forth for a while, she knew above all else that she wanted something simple, elegant, and timeless, and that ended up being exactly what she said yes to. The first part of the dress that she fell in love with was the buttons. “I knew I wanted buttons all down the back, and every other dress just didn't have the same effect as mine did. I knew I didn't want a crazy long train either, so mine was perfect.” She also loved that the lines of it were “really sleek and simple.” Jenna’s wedding gown was a gorgeous fitted dress with a boat neck and the most stunning puff sleeves. “We narrowed it down to I think one or two, and both of them actually looked really similar to mine, but they weren't it. So I tried it back on and I was like, ‘Yes, this is just it.’ I loved being there.”



Good Energy

Not only did she get to experience the magic of finding her dream wedding dress, but the whole process was so easy and enjoyable for Jenna. “It was the funnest, best experience, and I didn't have to go anywhere else. I purchased it right that day and didn't look back.” Her favorite part of being at Pritchétt was the atmosphere. “I love just the feel of the whole place. The energy. You go in and immediately you feel like everyone's so excited both to see you and for you, and I think especially when you're at that point in life you want to feel that.” Jenna’s consultant was able to be excited for her while also helping calm her nerves. “When I was in there, I did not feel stressed out. I felt like they were taking time to listen to me and to help me, and so it was such a good experience.”


The Bride-to-Be Becomes the Bride

Jenna found her dress at the beginning of July and “sealed the deal” with her new husband on September 22, 2023, in Gilbert Arizona. They had a temple ceremony and a ring ceremony, which she loved. “I loved having both. Just us being able to be there with everyone and our families and siblings and just kind of express our emotions was so special.” There isn’t anything better than being a bride, and that was Jenna’s favorite part. “I mean besides being actually married, I loved that I was surrounded by my most loved friends and family. But also I loved being a bride. It’s such a surreal feeling to be like, ‘Wow, we're all here celebrating me and my spouse.’ It was just my favorite thing to be with him and with everyone else.” 


Jenna’s advice to brides is to soak it in! You're not “forever a fiance.” Planning a wedding can be stressful, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the process with your future spouse. For weddings in general—and in finding your dream dress—know what’s important to you to stand firm on, and have an open mind about the rest. “It's all gonna be okay in the end because you're getting married.” We couldn’t agree more! Which is why we love celebrating with you. Take Jenna’s advice and put it to the test here at Pritchétt. We can’t wait to see you!