Post-Pandemic Wedding Gowns Are Puffy, Fluffy and Over the Top

Post-Pandemic Wedding Gowns Are Puffy, Fluffy and Over the Top

Post-Pandemic Wedding Gowns Are Puffy, Fluffy and Over the Top. Mobile Image

Apr 12, 2022

So many couples have been waiting two years or longer for the opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams with all their friends and family safely in attendance. 2022 is a big year for weddings, and you can expect to see extravagant celebrations, including some spectacular wedding dresses. The best selection of the most breathtaking dresses for sale in Orem, Utah, is at Pritchétt Bridal.

Party Like it’s 2022

The New York Times recently reported that this year’s bridal gown styles will be reminiscent of the ’80s, when hair and dresses were big (but thankfully you’ll find no shoulder pads or neon). Instead, look for wedding gowns with big, puffy sleeves — some that are detachable. That’s perfect for many Utah brides who must conform to modesty standards in church, but can then remove the sleeves for the reception after.

Skirts will also be fuller, reversing a trend of straight, simple lines and tailored looks. Think skirts built up in layers of elegant lace. The main difference between the ’80s skirts and today is movement — the style of yesteryear was stiff and starchy, while today’s bridal gowns are all about flowing, swirling, cascading skirts.

Bridal Gown Budgets

Brides are spending more on wedding dresses this year, thanks in part to a healthy savings built up from not being able to go anywhere for a long time. It’s like the dam has broken, and brides are thrilled to try on the most stunning designer wedding dresses at our boutique.

While we aim to serve all Orem-area brides, we do carry many wedding gowns from top designers made of luxurious fabrics. These bridal gowns are nothing short of exquisite, and may include yards of material with beading and embroidery done by hand. If you have been saving for years and your budget allows, you may want to splurge on one of our amazing, one-of-a-kind wedding gowns for your special day.

Leading Orem, Utah, Bridal Boutique

Pritchétt Bridal has been serving the Orem bridal community for many years, and we have seen trends come and go. While not every wedding dress looks right on every bride, we have to say that we believe every bridal gown we have purchased and brought into our bridal boutique to sell is absolutely gorgeous.

We prioritize not only fashion and style when we select gowns, but also workmanship and quality of fabric. That’s why we choose to stock our bridal shop with designer gowns from Abree, Boda Bridal, Chic, Evelyn Bridal, Justin Alexander, Lis Simon, Moonlight, Dany Tabet, Rosa Clara and Pronovias. We trust these designers, and we work with them on our own custom designs, so no other bride will ever wear the same dress one of our brides is wearing. Your wedding gown is 100% for you.

Make an appointment today to try on wedding gowns at Pritchétt Bridal, and you’ll see firsthand that we have the most beautiful wedding dresses in Utah.