Real Bride - Sam Gregory

Real Bride - Sam Gregory

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Jan 05, 2024

Fashion-Forward and Modest

Can you have a fashion-forward wedding dress while still being modest? Pritchétt Bride Sam Gregory found the answer to that question on a beautiful day in May when she walked by a mannequin that was wearing her dream dress. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!)

Sam and her husband Tanner got married on August 31, 2023, in the Ogden Utah LDS Temple. When she started looking for wedding dresses, Sam knew she didn’t want hers to look like all the other gowns that she had seen. “There’s a very specific look to most Utah wedding dresses, and I knew I wanted something different.” Luckily, after many failed attempts at finding “the one” at other places, she finally found a stunning sequined gown at Pritchétt.



Glam It Up

The “Oakley” gown by Lis Simon can only be described as jaw-dropping, especially when Sam wears it. With fun sleeves, a unique cowl neckline, and covered in sparkle from top to bottom, it’s giving Greek goddess with an added layer of glam. And Sam’s favorite part is the built-in corset. “I loved how it really emphasized my natural figure. It made me feel like I looked hot.” Girl, it absolutely did.

When she started looking for a dress, Sam wanted something silky and super simple. “We had already booked our venue, it was super classy and elegant and I wanted my dress to match that.” But at every place she visited, she didn’t have a great experience—nothing was standing out to her.



A Good Consultant Makes a Difference

When she came to Pritchétt, she immediately loved her consultant. “I could tell she knew what she was doing, and I loved that she was able to be super happy for me.” Sam said that in the stress of finding a dress, she kind of forgot to be excited about it—the reality of getting a wedding dress hadn’t really set in for her yet, and she wasn’t quite engaged yet. “I’m really glad my consultant was super excited for me, and it helped me a lot.” Let’s be real, it wasn’t hard to be excited for her when she looked that good.

Sam brought her mom and sisters along with her to the appointment. Her mom was more on the serious side while her sisters were bubbling with excitement. “My consultant did a good job of balancing out all of our different personalities.”


As her appointment went on, she was trying on gowns that matched her description of “simple and silky,” as well as a few other options to mix it up. “I was willing to try on anything at that point.” Her consultant pulled some dresses that were totally different, that Sam ended up really liking. But like before, as she was trying dresses, none of them felt like the right one.



The Last Minute Dress

But right there on a mannequin by the dressing room was a gown that kept catching Sam’s eye. “It was super last minute and we were almost out of time, and I asked if I could just try on that one because we kept passing it.” She put it on, and that’s when the magic happened. “I loved that it was so fashionable but still met my needs for the temple.” She said yes to the dress and the rest fell right into place. We’re so glad that dress was on the mannequin for her that day—it was meant to be!

It’s All About the Support

Sam’s advice for brides who are shopping for a dress is to “bring people with you who will support you no matter what, but who will also tell you the truth. Even if you’re just looking for fun, bring people with you who are going to be supportive if you do end up finding the dress.” She says that the best thing for her was to get a venue and a dress first, and then plan everything based on the look of those.


“I was nervous to get a dress because I wasn’t engaged yet, but I’m glad I got it when I did.” You don’t have to be engaged to find the one!


Real brides have real experiences with finding their dream gown. “I love that Pritchétt reached out to me, they were super helpful for me and it’s awesome that they’re doing this to help other brides too!” We love that Sam is willing to share her special moments with us here at Pritchétt!