Shop With an Open Mind: Real Bride Megan Young

Shop With an Open Mind: Real Bride Megan Young

Shop With an Open Mind: Real Bride Megan Young. Mobile Image

Mar 06, 2024

Our Pritchétt bride Megan and her husband Max have one of the cutest love stories we’ve ever heard, starting all the way back in seventh grade. They had every single one of their classes together—all eight of them! They got to know each other really well until Megan told him to stop following her around, and poor seventh-grade Max was heartbroken.

Flash forward to years later, after attending separate high schools and both of them going on an LDS mission, they reconnected. Sparks flew immediately, and they were married in June of 2022.

But that’s not the end of the story… Their June wedding was an elopement!

Their official wedding day, complete with the dress, cake, and flowers, was in January of 2023. Megan got her stunning dress right here at Pritchétt, and we can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous she looked in it.

Options for Tall Brides


“I knew that Pritchétt had a cute try-on area and I knew that I could go in there and feel comfortable to try dresses on, and I wouldn't feel out of place or, like, stupid for not knowing dress types or what's trending.”

Megan originally came in just to look for dresses, and she never expected to walk out with her dream gown, much less one that already fit her perfectly. For a tall girl, shopping can get tricky.

“I'm 6'1”, so it's always a struggle to find clothes, like pants that are long enough, and dresses that are long enough, and I knew that Pritchétt would at least have options, so that was the first place we went.” Megan heard of Pritchétt through one of her former volleyball teammates who also got her dress here.

“I think I tried on maybe seven dresses, but I brought my sister-in-law and my mom and they were like, ‘This has to be the one,’ and I was like ‘You're right.’” Her dress fit her like a glove, and she took that as a sign that she had found the one.

Try Everything

A lot of women go into their dress appointments with an idea of what they want, but Megan went in with a different mindset. “I feel like everyone always has their Pinterest board where they pin their dream dresses or inspiration, but I kind of steered away from that. I really wanted to keep an open mind.” She went in willing to try a little bit of everything to figure out what she loved.

“My consultant was so nice, and she just pulled like so many different shapes, sizes, long sleeves, short sleeves, necklines, waistlines… Everything was different, which I appreciated, because that's truly what I was going in for, was just to explore.” Luckily Pritchétt has the best consultants around, and Megan’s was able to help her narrow down the options.

Her favorite things about her wedding dress are the sleeves and the neckline, and we couldn’t agree more. Not only does it fit perfectly, but we’ve never seen someone rock flutter sleeves more gracefully than Megan. She also loved the color, which was something she didn’t expect.

“I tried on a ton of sequin dresses because I think they're stunning and I love the sparkle, but what I love about my dress is that it’s just a bright white, which I ended up really loving for my pictures, and against my darker skin.” We love a good sparkle moment, but we love the simplicity even more.

Pritchétt is the Place to Be

Megan’s unexpected dream gown experience was highlighted even more by being at Pritchétt in general. “I loved that it felt like I was the only one there. It was very intimate. I felt like when I was trying on I could take as much time as I needed.” She also loved that her consultant let her know that she could make any changes to her dress that she wanted, from sleeves to buttons to necklines. “They made sure that I knew anything was possible.”

Her advice for anyone in the middle of wedding dress shopping is to follow in her footsteps—go into it willing to try anything. “I feel like a strength was just really having an open mind and kind of giving everything a try. Even if I saw it on the hanger and I was like, ‘I don't know if I would like that,’ but then putting it on and being like, ‘Oh like this is actually could be really cute,’ or ‘I like this more than I thought.’” As Megan points out, trying everything helps you know for sure that you found your dream dress. “I felt so comfortable and confident that I found what I wanted after having an open mind and trying everything, and then narrowing it down to that one.”

Megan says “Pritchétt figured it out! They have the whole setup. They have hair, they have makeup, they have tailoring, they have personal stylists, they have a cute photo booth... I just felt like the whole experience, not even just focusing on a dress, I appreciated a lot.” We appreciate Megan even more! Along with every single one of our Pritchétt brides. If you’re not one yet, we know you will be soon. Book an appointment with us any time! See you soon girlfriend!