Silk Vs Satin: What Fabric Is My Dress Made Of?

Silk Vs Satin: What Fabric Is My Dress Made Of?

Silk Vs Satin: What Fabric Is My Dress Made Of?. Mobile Image

Jun 04, 2024

Choosing your dream wedding dress is one of the most memorable things you’ll do in your entire life. While the design or style of your dress will be the focus, the fabric your dress is made of is just as important to think about in its overall appearance, feel, and comfort level. From the timeless elegance of silk to the romantic allure of lace, the fabric of a wedding gown not only influences the look of it but also the overall functionality of the dress, no matter your style. What’s the difference between silk and satin anyway? How do you know what kind of fabric is flexible enough for the dance floor or warm enough for a winter wedding? Here at Pritchétt, we have hundreds of different dresses to choose from, in all kinds of fabrics, with more coming in every day. Whether you’re a simple girlie or an elaborate bride-to-be, knowing about some of the different fabric options that wedding gowns are made of will help you in your search for the dress of your dreams! Here are a few different types of fabrics from wedding dresses you might find at Pritchétt!




Crepe is a classic, simple, and comfortable fabric—and one of our most popular. You’ll find that a lot of our fitted gowns are made of crepe because it’s stretchy enough to move with you, and comfortable enough to wear all day while still hugging your curves in all the right places. It’s a solid, often fairly thick fabric, though the different types of crepe can vary depending on the materials it’s made of. It drapes and hangs so elegantly that it’s no wonder so many brides fall in love with our crepe gowns.




So what really is the difference between silk and satin? The answer is—there isn’t a difference; silk is simply the material that a satin dress is made of. When you’re looking for a silk dress, you’re looking for a satin dress. Some satin dresses aren’t made with real silk, but that doesn’t detract from their beauty and elegance in any way! Real silk tends to be much more expensive than synthetic satin materials, and it’s much more delicate to work with. Pritchétt Bridal has so many options for both, whether you’re looking for the luxurious look of real silk or the elegance of any satin gown in our store.




Mikado is similar to satin because it can also be made of real silk, but it’s much heavier and a lot more structured, making it a great material to use for gowns that hold shape. Many of our ballgowns and fuller-looking dresses are made of mikado, making them very well-built and perfect for a princess. Mikado has the most beautiful, delicate ate sheen to it and any dress made from this material is definitely going to be a show-stopper!




Lace is probably the most well-known type of fabric, for wedding gowns and otherwise. There are so many different kinds of lace that we couldn’t possibly do it justice—but every single one we’ve seen at Pritchétt is just to die for. Lace can come in any level of thickness, shape, style, and size. Any bride looking for an elegant, timeless, or classic bridal look won’t be disappointed by a lace gown, whether it’s the entire thing or just the sleeves. We’ve seen a lot of incredible lace gowns lately, and they’re stunning no matter what style your gown is.




Tulle is the fabric found in a classic ballgown look, giving a dress structure and shape. It’s a sort of netted look, and it’s the material that almost every veil is made of. Tulle can come in many different types, from the softest, most delicate style to a stiff look that’s great for adding structure to a petticoat or big sleeves. Tulle is great for layering because it’s sheer and adds gorgeous dimension, whether it’s for a huge ballgown or underneath a beautiful lace. There are so many fun things you can do with tulle on a wedding dress, and our favorite kind is glitter tulle!




Organza is another sheer-looking fabric that’s very popular right now for different kinds of sleeves. All of our gown bags at Pritchétt are organza because it’s incredibly soft and great at keeping our gowns pristine. Any wedding dress made of organza is the most ethereal, incredible gown, because it’s so light it just floats down the aisle.




Chiffon is also incredibly light and airy, and the perfect fabric for an angelic and soft bridal look. It drapes so beautifully, especially in A-line gowns, and it’s perfect for a breezy summer wedding. Chiffon is typically made of nylon or silk. Any chiffon gown gives Greek goddess vibes, and it’s the classic bridal look. We especially love chiffon gowns with long, billowing sleeves.


There are so many more types of fabric that wedding gowns are made of, and every one of them is guaranteed to make jaws drop when you walk down the aisle. Don’t be afraid to ask your consultant what types of fabrics our gowns are made of, and how that affects the look and build of each dress. Pritchétt has so many options for every kind of bride, whether you’re looking for something garment-friendly for the temple, or a more contemporary look. We can promise you that no matter what your dress is made of, you’re going to look incredible. We can’t wait to see you here at Pritchétt!