Want to Stand Out? Choose a Lis Simon Bridal Gown!

Want to Stand Out? Choose a Lis Simon Bridal Gown!

Want to Stand Out? Choose a Lis Simon Bridal Gown!. Mobile Image

Apr 13, 2021

Here at our Utah bridal shop, the team at Pritchétt Bridal is known for bringing brides amazing wedding gowns from some of the top designers in the world. Today we’re featuring one of our most popular wedding dress designers, Lis Simon. Find out what Utah brides love about Lis Simon’s bridal collection.


Choosing a Wedding Dress


You could say that designing wedding dresses is more challenging than designing any other type of clothing. The reasons are many.


While many people enjoy clothes shopping and the opportunity to pay a little extra for a truly unique designer garment, the stakes are higher for wedding dress because you only wear them one time. Consumers may take a chance on an unusual skirt or a funky top, but when it comes to your wedding gown, risk is not usually part of the equation.


The husband-and-wife team of the Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based Lis Simon design house know this, and they work hard to walk that thin line between traditional and trending. With these main principles in mind, Lis Simon designers keep in mind a bride’s desire to look soft and beautiful on their wedding day, but also modern and stylish.


2021 Bridal Gown Styles


The Lis Simon 2021 collection features long, flowing skirts and delicate lace overlays. The Madilyn gown has a no-nonsense straight hem that barely skims the floor. Long, gauzy sleeves are adorned with a lacy leaf pattern. The Mari wedding gown pools at the bride’s feet and trails behind her, leaving nothing but gentle femininity in its wake. The sheer long sleeves are embellished with embroidered lace, and the low neckline can be modified with a modesty panel.


Lis Simon prides itself on constructing every bridal gown with top-quality materials and workmanship. At the same time, it’s their goal to make their designer wedding gowns affordable for today’s brides. When you choose a Lis Simon wedding gown, you know you’re getting a great deal on a well-made dress that will make you look nothing less than stunning.


Lis Simon burst on the scene in 2009, and the demand for their wedding gowns only grows every year. Lis Simon hand-selects the bridal boutiques they sell their wedding gowns in, and Pritchétt Bridal is the only location in Utah where you can buy one of these amazing dresses.


Top Utah Bridal Store


Pritchétt Bridal is thrilled to be able to offer our clients Lis Simon wedding dresses as well as bridal gowns from other top designers such as Lotus Threads, Moonlight and Evelyn Bridal Collection. Whether your vision for your big day is a crisp, white dress with an heirloom feel to it, or you’re leaning more toward a sleek, modern wedding gown, the sales associates at Pritchétt Bridal can guide you. Make an appointment today to come and try on wedding dresses from Lis Simon and other leading designers.