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wedding gowns 2021

If you’re getting married in 2021, it’s understandable if you’re a little out of touch with current wedding dress trends. It’s been a crazy year for everybody! Luckily, Pritchétt Bridal is here to catch you up on the most exciting things happening on the wedding circuit.

You can trust our bridal shop when it comes to current trends and the best designers. We have buyers constantly looking at runways around the world so they can find the best possible dresses for our Utah brides. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some important trends so you can catch up on what’s new and exciting in bridal dresses.

1. Bishop Sleeves

A bit of a throwback to the classic wedding dresses of the ’80s, bishop sleeves are long and billowing and gather at your wrists. They’re perfect for brides who like wedding gowns with a bit of drama, but also enjoy an elegant look.

Bishop sleeves are an adaptable sleeve style that can be highly glamorous or even Bohemian, depending on the rest of your ensemble. If you’re looking for a wedding dress with this type of sleeve in Utah, then Pritchétt Bridal is the place to come. We are a bridal shop that knows how to find the perfect dress for you.

2. Short Wedding Dresses

Though it may sound a bit out there to some people, many brides these days are opting for short designer wedding gowns to wear on their special day. 2021 brides are planning more casual weddings, and short dresses are the perfect pairing.

Even those who don’t want to wear a short dress down the aisle are deciding to go with a separate short wedding dress to wear for their reception, since they allow for more movement. To find the perfect short dress, Utah brides should come to Pritchétt Bridal, where we are ready to help you find the dress(es) you need for your big day.

3. Square Necklines

One design element that is sure to make your wedding gown feel modern without compromising on other stylistic elements is a square neckline. This season, designers from around the world have incorporated the square necklines into their most front-facing creations.

Whether you’re a minimalist who wants an otherwise simple dress or a maximalist who loves ruffles and bows, square necklines will fit your style.

Your wedding dress is the most important outfit of your life, and you need a bridal boutique that understands that. Pritchétt Bridal is known for helping Utah brides find their perfect match by being adaptable and by employing some of the best designers in the business. To find your perfect gown, browse our website and schedule an appointment to come in online.