Choosing Shoes to Complement Your Utah Wedding Dress

Choosing Shoes to Complement Your Utah Wedding Dress

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Dec 14, 2021

While the wedding dress itself is the most central part of the bride's attire on this important day, it's important to match or contrast several other elements of the outfit as well. One great example here is shoes, which should not distract away from the dress, but should rather complement it and help showcase its best qualities while completing the head-to-toe look the bride carries.


At Pritchett Bridal, we're happy to provide not only a wide range of bridal dresses and gowns for brides throughout Utah, but also tips and expertise on how to select other important outfit accessories to perfectly complement your dress -- including your shoe selection. Here are some basic tips on choosing the ideal shoes to match your wedding dress.


Shoe Matching Wedding Theme


One of the most common themes brides will choose for their wedding, often in coordination with their bridesmaids, will be shoes that match the overall theme of the wedding itself. You might choose a complementary color to your dress, or shoes with a similar fabric or pattern. This is a great way to unify the overall look of the wedding party and make sure that everyone is on the same page aesthetically.


With this approach, bridesmaids will all also wear similar shoes, or even identical ones in some cases. Talk with your bridesmaids and discuss what you have in mind so they can also plan ahead for their shoe selection, if necessary.


Shoe Matching Wedding Dress


The other most popular theme for shoe selection by the bride will be to match the shoes with the wedding dress itself. This is an especially good idea if you have a particularly elaborate or detailed wedding dress, as it can be distracting to have several different patterns and colors competing for attention on your big day.


Matching shoes will help unify the look of the wedding dress and avoid any potential clashes. You can either select a shoe that is a perfect match at Pritchett Bridal, or you can coordinate more subtly by selecting a shoe that mimics the same style of detail.


Matching Color or Fabric?


If you've chosen to match your shoes with your wedding dress, one of the key questions here is whether to match it based on color or based on fabric (or both). For example, your wedding dress may have an exquisite floral pattern in the fabric, so you may select a pair of shoes with flowers on them. Or you might have opted for a more solid-colored dress with subtle sequins around the hem, so you could choose a shoe with small sequins or beads around the toe area to match perfectly.


For more on how to choose the ideal shoes to match or complement your wedding dress, or to learn about any of our designer wedding gowns for Utah brides, speak to the staff at Pritchett Bridal today.