What Size Wedding Dress Do I Need?

What Size Wedding Dress Do I Need?

What Size Wedding Dress Do I Need?. Mobile Image

Feb 08, 2022

When you go wedding dress shopping, you may wonder what size you should look for. Worrying about what size bridal gown you need can be stressful, but here at Pritchétt Bridal, we want South Jordan brides to know that we carry wedding gowns in sizes 2-28, because we serve women of all sizes.


What Size Dress Do You Wear?


Wedding gowns often run small, so for instance, if you wear a size 12 dress right now, you may need a size 14 or a 16 wedding gown.


While it is important to group gowns by size to help brides find the right gown for them, as a woman living in the U.S. in the 21st century, you know that sizes vary greatly from one manufacturer or designer to the next.


That’s because there are no absolute standards. In the ’50s, there was a concept known as “the perfect size 10.” Over the years, a size 10 dress dummy has grown larger, making some of the smallest women size 2, 0 and even double 0.


The Stigma Associated with Size


Often, women get stuck on the number on the tag inside their clothes instead of how their clothes look on them. Not everyone has the same body type — if they did, the world would be so boring! Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s why here at Pritchétt Bridal, we have gowns in all shapes and sizes.


Bridal shops that cater to South Jordan brides of only a certain size are doing themselves — and their clients — a disservice. About two-thirds of Americans are larger, and the rate here in Utah is about the same. It’s impractical, then, to sell only gowns that don’t fit most brides.


All Brides Are Beautiful


If there is one thing we are sure of here at our bridal boutique, it’s that all our dresses are exquisitely beautiful. We take the time to choose each gown carefully, based on our years of experience in the bridal industry and current trends. While not every dress is right for every bride, when you find the right dress, you will look absolutely stunning in it, regardless of size.


Part of what makes a bridal gown gorgeous — outside of the luxurious fabric, amazing style and superior craftsmanship — is how it fits the bride. That’s why when you buy a bridal gown, you usually have two fittings. At the first fitting, the seamstress marks all the areas that need to either be taken in or let out. At the second fitting, she ensures that the alterations she made are perfect.


That’s one reason we discourage brides from going on crash diets before their wedding. While many brides make it a goal to lose weight for the wedding, we assure you that your gown will fit better if you stay the same size. And when your gown fits well, you look beautiful!


Make an appointment today to try on wedding gowns — available in sizes 2-28 — at Pritchétt Bridal of South Jordan.