When Should I Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

When Should I Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

When Should I Go Wedding Dress Shopping?. Mobile Image

Oct 12, 2021

It seems that as time goes on, engagements get longer and longer. Part of the reason for this is that people are so busy and have so many events to attend that you must plan way ahead. Although COVID has impacted event-planning, weddings are still definitely happening — large or small, indoors or out. When should you start shopping for your wedding dress? Pritchétt Bridal has some advice for you.


Build in Some Flexibility


Different bridal shops in Utah will have slightly different timelines, but the bottom line is that sooner is better than later. For instance, if you recently got engaged but have not yet set a date for the wedding, you should definitely stop into some bridal stores to have a look around. At this point, it’s not necessary to make an appointment to try on dresses, but it’s good to have an idea of what the styles are and what you like.


It’s good to start really narrowing down your choices a year before the wedding date. It’s OK to start sooner if you have your heart set on a particular style of wedding gown, but if having the newest style is important to you, you may want to wait a bit.


Starting nine months to a year before the wedding allows you to make appointments at different shops to try on different gowns. You won’t want to make appointments every single weekend — that would be exhausting. So leave at least a couple of weeks in between appointments. That gives you a month or two to narrow down your decisions.


Once you have a short list, you’ll want to return to the bridal shop of your choice with your most trusted allies for a final try-on.


Why Must You Shop for Wedding Gowns So Early?


One of the reasons you need to start wedding dress shopping so early is because you will need to schedule two or three fittings with a seamstress to make sure your bridal gown fits you perfectly on your big day.


Another reason is because so many other elements of the wedding depend on your style of dress. For instance, will you need removable modesty panels made for church?


You’ll also need to shop for your wedding shoes, and you can’t do that without the dress. If you want a veil, you will also need to coordinate that. The same goes for your jewelry. Even your garments must be chosen carefully. Your style of dress will also likely influence the style of bridesmaid dresses you choose.

Brides don’t always take the wedding gown into consideration when choosing decorations, but sometimes it matters. For instance, table linens at weddings are often white, but what if your dress is ivory or champagne? Will the contrast be flattering, or will you want to go with colored table linens?


Wedding Dress Shopping in Utah


Whether you’re a careful planner or you’re shopping for your wedding gown in Utah at the last minute, the team at Pritchétt Bridal is here to help you find just the right dress for you. Make an appointment or stop in today.