The Importance of Fabric in Choosing a Wedding Gown

The Importance of Fabric in Choosing a Wedding Gown

The Importance of Fabric in Choosing a Wedding Gown. Mobile Image

Feb 09, 2021

Finding the right wedding dress for you can be challenging. So many factors go into deciding what you’ll wear on the most important day of your life. These include shape, coverage and length, but one aspect of your wedding gown that should not be overlooked is the fabric.


The right fabric can mean the difference between a drab and fab wedding gown. Different types of fabrics make each dress look different, so knowing what kind of fabrics you want can really help to narrow down your search in the bridal shop. That’s why the team at Pritchétt Bridal here in Utah has compiled a list of some of our favorite wedding gown fabrics for you to check out.


1. Satin wedding dresses are popular for a reason.


One fabric that never goes out of style is the classic satin. Satin is a term that denotes a specific type of weave, which means that there are a few different raw materials that can be made into satin. Satin has a beautiful sheen to it that will make you look like you’re glowing from the inside out, without being too shiny. Wedding dresses are often made out of silk satin, which is the very highest quality of satin available.


2. Chiffon makes you feel ethereal.


For a floaty, almost fairy-like look, you might want to check out chiffon. Chiffon is a sheer, lightweight fabric that typically is used in layers so as to create a solid panel of fabric. The bride who wears chiffon chooses it because her goal is to look delicate in her bridal dress on her big day.


3. Lace adds a classic feminine detail.


Most people know how beautiful lace can be. It is a classic, delicate, patterned fabric that, when used correctly, will add a gorgeous amount of detail to your dress. While there are many different styles of lace, something all lace does is reflect how unique and beautiful the bride wearing it is. Lace is all about detail, structure and grace. It is often used as an overlay or on just a small portion of the dress so that it adds to your beauty rather than pulling focus away.


It is almost impossible to overstate how important your wedding dress is to your perfect day, and the fabric that you choose to wear can make or break your look. That’s why you need a bridal boutique that has you covered, with dresses in a multiplicity of fabrics. Luckily for Utah brides, Pritchétt Bridal is that shop. We are constantly scouring fashion shows around the world for the best in bridal, so we can bring it back to Utah.

Make an appointment today at Pritchétt Bridal to try on wedding gowns in all your favorite fabrics.