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Do I Need Alterations?


Because wedding dresses are hand-made with a standardized sizing chart, almost every bride will need some sort of alterations done to their wedding dress. It’s not uncommon to fall in love with your dream dress, only to realize it’s not over yet; you still need to find a seamstress to make your vision come to life. At Pritchétt, we’ve got you covered. We eliminate the stress of finding a professional, trustworthy, and experienced seamstress by being one of the only bridal shops in Utah that has exclusive in-house alterations for our brides.

Pritchétt Alterations is run like its own business inside of Pritchétt Bridal. We have five master seamstresses, plenty of assistants, and full-time alterations managers. Our brides get to work directly with their own seamstress and get the best experience in knowing exactly who is making their vision come to life!

Our Master Seamstresses

It’s important when hiring someone to alter your wedding gown that they have experience working with wedding dresses specifically, as each gown is unique in what it needs. Our five master seamstresses and assistants at Pritchétt Alterations collectively have over 100 years of experience working with wedding dresses. Complex beading, lace, seam lines, and even something as seemingly simple as the fabric your dress is made of, needs special care by someone who knows what they’re doing. Not only do our seamstresses have so much experience with bridal gowns in general, but they have worked with the exact gowns and designers we have in our store many times before, so you know they are extra qualified to take care of your needs.

Alterations is truly a dying art, and the fact that we have five master seamstresses available in-house is what sets Pritchétt apart. The amount of work and time that each of these women put into the gowns they alter is incredible. Their skill level, years of education and experience, and the quality of their work are what make our seamstresses so special.

What Alterations Will I Need?

Because every bride and body is different, alterations are going to be unique to each person. Depending on the dress you buy, how it fits you, if there’s anything you want to customize on it, and more, there is no way to know exactly what your alterations will be without meeting with a seamstress.

That being said, some pretty common alteration needs would be: hemming the dress so it’s not too long for you, taking it in on the sides so the bodice fits you well, and taking it up slightly in the shoulders so the waistline of the dress hits you in the correct place. But who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and the dress will fit you perfectly. Or maybe you’ll find that all you need is a slight hem.

Custom Changes

Many brides will want to make custom changes to the gowns we have in our store. Good news, we can do it! If you have time and want to, many of our designers allow for you to order customized dresses directly from them. But, we often find that it’s easier (and less expensive!) to do it in alterations. Anything from a sleeve change to completely reconstructing the bodice of a dress can be done, and we have done it before. If you find a dress you love everything about except for the neckline, let’s cut down the neckline for you. Want an open back? Let’s open up the back of your gown. Do you have a picture from Pinterest of the most gorgeous, extravagant sleeves you’ve ever seen in your life? Our seamstresses can build it for you. The most fun part about making custom changes to your dream dress is that you will be the only one with that dress! It’s completely unique to your vision.

Exclusive Access

The best part about Pritchétt Alterations is that our master seamstresses only work on Pritchétt gowns. That means that our brides get exclusive access to the best seamstresses around. This helps with scheduling and making sure you are prioritized as a Pritchétt bride in getting your fittings done in time for your big day. Check out our Instagram @pritchettbridal to see what kinds of amazing alterations we’ve done for our brides!

Accessories and More

Our alterations department also makes some of the most gorgeous in-house veils. This not only eliminates the stress of ordering one in time but also guarantees that it will be hand-made and brand new for you. Any of our items that are tagged with Nancy Barrus Couture, or NBC, are named after the previous owner of Pritchétt. We wanted to honor her not only as a previous owner but as an incredible seamstress herself. She created so many of the veil patterns we still use today, all from scratch. Our alterations can also make things like belts, bows, corsets, and more. Wondering if we can make it for you? Just ask!

Stunning Examples

Here are some of our favorite alterations from recently, for real brides like you. We will do everything we can to make your dreams come true and make your vision come to life.



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