The Process

If you’re looking for wedding dresses in Utah, Pritchétt Bridal has curated a collection of designer dresses from runways all over the world. 


Custom One-of-A-Kind Gowns


Tiffany Prichett is the creative director for Prichétt Bridal. She has a really close relationship with all of her designers. She gets to sit down with them and redesign the dresses to make them look like they've always been modest in a very fashionable way. Our custom designs are exclusive to Pritchétt Bridal. This makes them one of a kind.


What Happens at Your Bridal Gown Appointment

We allot an hour and a half for each of our bridal appointments. When you arrive, you will meet your friendly sales associate who will show you to your private dressing room. Many brides bring their mom or a friend or two to help them decide which dress is for them.


At this time, you can look through the bridal gowns your sales associate has selected for you to see if you want to try any of them on. However, we carry hundreds of gowns in our bridal boutique, so you may want to check out other designers and styles while you are there.


Model wearing a long white bridal gown
Model wearing a white bridal gown
Model wearing a white bridal gown near the flowers